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Several years ago I saw beautiful velvet pumpkins in a high-end decor shop.  Unfortunately they we beyond my budget.  You will be amazed at how affordable and easy it is to make your own velvet pumpkins for this fall.  Follow this easy step-by-step guide to a velvet pumpkin patch of your very own.



I took a quick trip to Walmart, JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts and Hobby Lobby for my supplies.  You will need cute Styrofoam pumpkins in a variety of sizes, fabric, scissors and a hot glue gun.   I found small pumpkins for a little at 98 cents at Walmart.

Be selective about your pumpkin choices, choose ones that have authentic looking stems.  JoAnn had 60% off all fall decorations, so I scored there with a variety of sizes of foam pumpkins.  Make sure you use you 40% off any regular price item coupon at Hobby Lobby.

I used velvet, but you might prefer burlap or fleece that may match your style preferences.  I do recommend regardless of your fabric, that you find a stretch version which will make the process easier.

Measure and Cut

Lay the fabric flat and place the pumpkin with the stem removed on the fabric.  Cut a circle large enough for the fabric to reach the hole where the stem was removed.  Ensure that all sides will reach the hole, if you cut it too large you can trim away the excess fabric, too small look for a smaller pumpkin.

Fold and Tuck

Now it is simply a matter of covering your pumpkin with the fabric.  First, pull up each side of the fabric and tuck it into the hole where your stem was removed.  Make the stem hole slightly larger, but not too large.  I like the fabric to pull and tuck tightly in the hole.  This eliminates the need to glue each fold.  When all four sides are tucked in tight, begin to work from one side to the other, folding and tucking as you go.  Use the tip of your scissors to help tuck the fabric into the hole.

Tuck In One Side Tuck Opposite Sides Tuck All Four Sides Fold and Tuck

Glue to Complete

Glue the pumpkin stem into the hole with a small amount of hot glue.  In a matter of minutes your new fall decoration is ready to display.