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Set the Stage with a Residential Dumpster – Grands Living Grand

Arrange for a residential dumpster for be delivered for day one of your do it yourself home remodel.  Our hopes were for Republic Dumpster Services ( to place a residential dumpster on site before we arrived.  Based on the fact that this a 2,000 sq ft do it yourself home remodel, they recommended a 30-yard dumpster.  Unfortunately, the residential dumpster was not being delivered until Day 3.  That means we must bag the stuff and leave it in place until the dumpster arrives.  Thank goodness for the dumpster, the house still had remnants of the previous owner, furniture and belongings that have been in the house for months growing mildew.

First Things First – Clear a Space to Stage Tools and Supplies

Yes, my husband owns more tools than should be allowed.  I think he is a tool hoarder.  Lowe’s is his favorite place to stroll.  It has actually paid off that he loves tools, we don’t have to include purchasing tools in the budget.  Before we left home, we rented a U-Haul trailer to tow behind the truck and both were fully loaded with tools and supplies.  Now to unload the trailer and stage the tools and supplies so we can return the trailer before we have an additional day charge.

Stay Focused on the Task

We bagged trash, cleared space and sized up the next few days ahead of us.  Our focus is to clear the house, so we can start demo.  We also met with an individual we plan to hire to replace the roof, the #1 priority on the list of things to do.  I am a retired federal program manager and can’t do anything without a detailed plan.  Before we took on the project I had completely laid out all tasks to include an estimated time-line, materials required and a cost estimate.  Now to just execute to plan and budget.  I always prided myself for being on-time and under-budget when I work in the Information Technology field, but let’s not full ourselves, we are retired, and we will grow tired and will miss the kids and need frequent trips home.

Plan for What’s Next

Back to the house, the roof has a hole over the dining room and the rain leaks into the house.  Yes, we can see daylight through the ceiling.  The plan is to purchase the roofing material and hire a team to install the roof.  First task for Day 2, purchase roofing material and arrange for delivery.