Grands Living Home Remodel

Removing Load Bearing Walls – Open Floor Plan – Grands Living Grand

We should start to see the plan today, I mean visually see the plan take shape today.  We start taking down walls today.  The first wall to go, is the wall between the kitchen and dining room.  This allows us to make more space for the kitchen and to start to create an open floor plan we can only envision.

This is the plan – Now to execute

We made more progress than expected. The kitchen wall came down as well as the partial wall between the dining room and foyer and the second partial wall between the living room and foyer.  When we are finished, there will not be a foyer, just an open floor space spanning the living room, dining room and kitchen.  What a wide-open space this is becoming – I love the look so far.

Friends and family ask me how I make these design decisions.  I can see the change in my mind’s eye – a completely open space with continuous grey hardwood floors from far wall to far wall.  Don’t get me wrong, I draw out the existing space, redraw the new space and from there adjust.  That’s exactly what happened with this space plan.

In our original plans we had no intentions of the next wall falling, but I did’t want to stop short of making the space as open as possible.  This took reassurance from Steve that removing the next wall, which is a load bearing wall – was something we could achieve.  He formulates the construction plan and I do the research to ensure the construction plan is within code and the determining the costs.

We will achieve a completely open floor plan, can wait to see the results. Soon to come will be a plan to construct temporary walls, remove the load bearing wall and insert a support beam. We will need the help of an engineer.