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Plan a Do It Yourself Home Remodel – Grands Living Grand

We just recently finished a do it yourself home remodel of our house in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Like crazy people, we are taking on another full-time job with this do it yourself home remodel.

Our Fixer Upper in Charleston, South Carolina

My husband, Steve and I decided to do it again – a do it yourself home remodel.  Why Charleston you ask, well my son and oldest granddaughter live there.  We are both retired from the federal government and have our pensions and a lot of free time, so why not?

The only negative, we will be spending more time away from home and away from our five grandsons, who are five years old and under and we are also so excited to have recently learn that a sixth little guy is on the way.  That’s right, we will have six grandsons and we love the idea.  We are a blended family so Steve has the five little guys and one on the way and I have five grandchildren as well.  Mine are in Charleston as I mentioned earlier, and Georgia.  They are also much older, their ages span from  12 to 24, both boys (2) and girls (3).  While I will have more opportunities to see my grands with time in Charleston, we will see less of the boys for certain until the remodel is done, and then we will be able to split our time between them all.  Life is grand with grandchildren.


A Do It Yourself Home Remodel Dream House

The house has a great deal of potential, it is large enough for us to have the kids join us on get-a-ways to warmer weather from the Fredericksburg winters and close enough for day trips to the beach with all the kids when we are there.

The house is almost 2,000 square feet, has three bedrooms, two full baths, and an extra bonus room that I will refer to as the lower den.  The home has two dens (family rooms); on upper den and then there are three steps down to reach the lower den.  There is a living room, dining room, kitchen or course, laundry room, storage room and a large fenced in back yard.  Its located in a nice neighborhood, that has seen bad times, but is now turning around with remodels and resales throughout the neighborhood.  The house was built in 1968, it’s all brick except for the addition (the lower den), which has wood siding in desperate need of repair.

Know Your Plan and Fix a Budget

The house has a low pay off  but extensive repairs and remodeling necessary.  We have a remodel budget of $50 grand, but with certainty we will likely bust the budget to get everything we want.  I know, not the best approach to a fixer upper, but once we start the work, I know we will make adjustments to the plan that will impact our budget; I’m just hoping for some great purchase savings that will offset some of the add-ons.

The Remodel Plan Takes Shape


The plan, which is quite extensive includes taking down walls, to be exact four of them, but what a great open space this will create.  All these walls will be tumbling down as well as, yes, count them five doors.  One wall spans over 17 feet, so a load bearing support beam will be required.  We will completely gut the kitchen, and both bathrooms; repair and refinish the hardwood floors; scrape the popcorn from the ceilings (so dates the house) and tear out the 1970’s paneling from both dens.  Oh my, do we have a lot of drywall in our future.  To say the least, our work is about to begin.

Oh, and that’s just the inside. Outside, we will clear the yard which includes take down a large gum tree that is dying and dropping limbs, replace the roof, replace any bad wood and put siding on the house everywhere there is wood siding and replace all the doors and possibly put up a privacy fence at least across the back.  Did I mention, my husband is much more than a handyman, he can do it all.  That’s no surprise given his background and profession.  Steve retired from Dulles Airport, where he managed heating and air conditioning for the airport.  His dad owned a construction company and Steve learned so much from Dad and over the past five years, what he (we) didn’t know, we had to learn to accomplish our do it yourself remodel of our home.