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Painting is the Easiest DIY Decor Update – Grands Living Grand

Painting is the easiest DIY decor update possible. Painting updates and refreshes your living space. You might choose to paint your walls, a thrift store decor find or even an amazing piece of vintage furniture.

Do you need a change, do you want to update or modernize your home – consider painting. Painting is also the cheapest way to give you the feeling of new. I love to paint and I love that everything becomes clean and fresh and renewed again.

Front Door Makeover

Where do you begin? Look around the house and decide where you really feel like change is past due. You will get the biggest impact where your space is aging, drab or in need of a deep clean. It may be as simple as painting all your interior or exterior doors.

Paint Your Front Door

The entrance to you home or a room sets the mood of the space. Our home seemed so plain and cold, and I wanted it feel more welcoming. I did a little research on paint colors for our front door. Color is everything. I wanted something welcoming and bright.

Choosing the right color. Perhaps you simply stand back and look at the colors that surround your home. If your on the beach you might select blue from the sky and water or a soft gray from the color of the sand. If you are in the city you might want to consider black for a modern upbeat feel. Maybe you just want to stand out in your neighborhood then select fiery red or cheerful orange.

I chose yellow for our front doors. I think its welcoming and a little daring. We painted our doors a few years back and I’m now ready to change it up again – um, maybe aqua. To complete the look add flowers, pillows or a front door mat that contains the same color as your door. (I really need to update the paint on our shutters – faded from the sun.)

Update Your Interior Doors

You will be amazed at the difference a door can make. If you have an older home, you most likely have flat panel stained doors. Painting your doors will modernize and update your home. If you have white doors already consider a color change. Gray or black interior doors make a striking difference especially if your door trim is white. If your updating your doors, do pay attention to your trim.

Our doors were wood stained and our trim was white, so I opted for all white doors in a semi-gloss since it will make cleaning little fingerprints easier. You might consider black doors for a modern home or even a farmhouse home. The white trim against the black door is outstanding and will make a statement in your home. The new rage is gray doors, if I didn’t have gray walls my doors would definitely be gray.

When painting your doors consider changing out the hardware, gold door knobs and hinges date your home, select brushed nickle, brass or even black. Brushed nickle is an timeless enduring finish where black will make a bold modern statement. Yes, you can paint your existing handles and hardware. It will require a good cleaning and sanding before applying spray paint. I recommend Rest-oleum Metallic Paint and Primer.

Dress Up Your Walls

When is the last time you painted your walls? Oh, its been five years maybe more – if so a new coat of paint can make a dramatic change. Update and rejuvenate your home with color or maybe eliminate color this time. Many people are going for all white walls – clean and bright and un-limiting.

Several years ago, I was into different colors in almost every room. I did make certain the colors were in the same color pallet and you weren’t just bouncing off the walls as you moved from room to room. It was color cohesive at least.

This time I choose one color – gray and stayed true to gray from room to room. One might think its boring, but no that’s were your pop of color with an accent wall, a statement piece of furniture or decor comes into play.

Its now more than cohesive – it flows. I chose Bher paint from Home Depot. The main color in the our open floor plan is Gentle Rain – a light warm gray with a silvery greige undertone. I went with a one shade lighter for the bedrooms (Silver Screen – a light gray with subtle blue undertone), up another shade lighter for the bathrooms (Subtle Touch – cool white with light silver blue undertones) and one shade darker for our lower den (Cathedral Gray – a greige gray with a perfect combination of blue, purple and green undertones).

Behr Cathedral Gray

Whatever color scheme you decide upon, changing the paint color on your walls will give your rooms a face lift and make them fell new again. Go ahead, get out the tarps and rollers, buy some paint and spend the day updating your home.

Make a Statement

Make a statement with paint. Consider the room, its purpose and how you want to feel when you enter the space. If its your bedroom, an in your face statement color might not be appropriate. However, in your family room or dining room a statement color would be perfect for evoking warmth or excitement or adventure.

Statement Wall

You might consider adding a statement wall, one wall in your room where the color is different. I did one wall in my living room slightly darker than the rest to help the room look larger. We have a very small living room and darkening the paint on our fireplace wall made the fireplace wood trim and mantel stand out.

We recently updated the fireplace wall with cabinets flanking both sides and adding floating shelves. The light linen color of the wood cabinets and trim stands out nicely against the slightly darker gray wall. I love the effect. You can read about of fireplace wall update here.

Consider making a color statement with your decor or furniture. I love to see a pop of color in a room. A featured item that draws your eye and interest. I added a pop of royal blue in our dining room with new velvet chairs. Everyone comments on the look as soon as they enter the room. I know its not paint, but I carried that color into our open space living room with paint. Not paint on the walls, I’m not brave enough for royal blue on the walls. I scored a Federal Period buffet on Facebook Marketplace and matched my paint to the color of the chairs and yes, I painted my buffet royal blue and found the perfect spot for it in our living room.

Painted Furniture

Let’s talk a little more about painted furniture. You may know its all the trend now. I think the farmhouse phase started the movement, but now its expanding into other decor styles. Saving vintage and making it new and revised has sparked more interests than just farmhouse. No don’t take grandma’s old dresser to the dump, make it new again.

Vintage furniture is solid wood made to last throughout the generations, it just doesn’t always satisfy our style senses. But revamping and re-envisioning the piece in a modern vibrate way brings it back to life. Often the vitalization is simply achieved with a coat of paint or dramatically achieved with various painting techniques. You can read about various painting trends techniques on a recent blog here or explore my new online store Living Grand Vintage Furniture.

Whatever you choose to paint or the color you select will satisfy your urge to change and update your home. Painting is by far the easiest and cheapest way to achieve the change you desire.