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Painted Furniture Trends for 2019 – Grands Living Grand

I know what I like in painted furniture, but because I am considering a business, I wanted to know what was trending for 2019. I took a few surveys on Facebook in several painted furniture and decor groups, researched Pinterest, Instagram and the internet. This is what I learned.

Trending Furniture Choices

I was pleased to discover that my recent furniture selections are aligned with what’s trending in painted furniture for 2019: Buffets, Side Boards, Dressers, Desk, Vanities and anything Mid Century Modern. I believe in addition to these items we will see mid century modern book cases and wall dividers making a big comeback this year as well.

I have been purchasing buffets, side boards, and vanities. Many of these items have been for my own personal use. The white side board to the right, was my first consignment piece and to my delight, it sold today.

I am decorating our newly remodeled home in Charleston, SC which has a modern/ contemporary design aesthetic. I have selected statement pieces for several rooms that compliment my design plan. This Federal Period piece to the right is in our living room.

I am currently searching for a mid century modern desk for our upper family room. My intentions are to paint the frame black and leave the drawers and top natural. I can’t wait to find it and get started painting

The other thing I have surmised exploring what’s trending, is that the purchase needs to serve a purpose. Pieces need to provide storage as well as be a statement piece. It’s apparent that sleeker, lighter weight and smaller pieces are a hit this year, rather than the massive or very ornate selections.

It seems decor remains to be trending toward a minimalist approach again this year. Mid century modern fits this decor trend like a glove. The designer’s are leaning opposite to minimalist and heading into the maximalist. I sometimes wonder if this is to just evoke change. I believe it will take years to take hold, so for now, I’m sticking with minimalist.

Trending Colors

According to a recent Better Homes and Garden article paint dealers forecasts that moody blue, brown, and burgundy are on the rise, as well as grounding shades of black. I pulled for you several paint manufactures 2019 paint color trends.

You can see above the color trends span from powerful aquas to soft terracottas.

Designers have selected coral as a favorite this year. Pantone’s 2019 color of the year is – Living Coral its clearly a designers choice.

Some of my personal favorite colors are trending – dark blue for one and purple. I have become very partial to General Finishes Milk Paint in Coastal Blue. I have lightened it with Antique White for a brighter blue – so my recent go to color fits the trend.

Corals and rusts are being shown heavily on designer’s sites but surveying Facebook painted furniture groups, painted furniture vendors and Pinterest and internet research indicates that the purchasers still favor whites and dark blues.

I did some analysis of the painted furniture listed on Esty and discovered the follow colors at 1000 pieces or more. It was interesting to find that not a single piece was painted coral. I know what color I’m painting to sell next.

  • 4500 White
  • 3200 Blue
  • 2600 Black
  • 2100 Green
  • 2100 Brown
  • 2000 Gray
  • 1600 Red
  • 1000 Yellow

From the counts above, it appears that sellers are still producing the majority of pieces in white. It does normally take months and sometimes even a year before the trending paint colors take hold in design.

Trending Techniques

There are so many techniques and some are emerging as trending and some will never die. There are several that are frequently used sought after. As long as farmhouse is still popular we will continue to see distressing from light to heavy on many pieces. Chippy is probably the most popular in true farmhouse style.

Other techniques are surfacing more and more and are prominent and now trending on many social media sights. Techniques like Layering and Blending, Paint Pour and Dry Brush are very popular. We are seeing an every increasing number of Bohemian and hombre selections available. This beautiful example of layering and blending was created by Susie the owner of The White Plum

One of the most talked about techniques is metallic. Metallic paint and metallic gel stains as well as gold leafing are making a statement. This amazing metallic vanity was created by Alicia Essex. She used paint from Autentico, which can be purchased in the US as well. Her website is

This piece by Giovanna Barker is stunning. No stencils were used on this piece, this is hours of intricate hand-painted gold leaf designs. Giovanna sells her work on her facebook page Giovanna Designs

Beautiful stencils, particularly raised stencils are being used to create stand out pieces. I have seen some spectacular pieces emerging on both Pinterest and Instagram. This splendid example of raised stencil work was provided by Eclat Designs by Crystin. You can find her magnificent pieces on Instagram, Etsy https://www.etsy.comshop/eclatbycrystin and Facebook

While I believe these styles are trending on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, it they just beginning to take hold in households. The public opinion is that the farmhouse white is still the most popular. While it is appealing to the artist in the painter to branch into these techniques and they are amazing, most people have yet jump into buying these eclectic pieces. This too will take some time to become more popular.

My thinking is if you are painting for yourself, go for what makes you happy. If you are painting for future customers, stick to traditional colors and techniques. If you are doing custom work, perhaps you can get out of your comfort zone and tackle a color or technique that peaks your’s and your customer’s interest.