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Do you have a hard time deciding what to cook for dinner?  Let’s walk through this menu planning process together.  Why decide daily, when you […]

I’m trying to change what I eat and I’m craving sweets. When on Keto satisfying a sweet tooth can be hard.  My husband, Steve likes […]

We are in week 4 of our Keto diet.  I prefer to refer to this challenge as modifying our eating habits rather than a diet.  […]

Celebrate the first big snow with a Snow Party. We asked the kids to bundle up the boys Saturday, we’re having a Snow Party. “A” […]

I want to know, will Keto work for me. No, its not a new year’s resolution. We need to drop the pounds we have gained […]

I realize Keto and Party seems like an oxymoron. Somehow it actually worked out amazingly. Everyone loved the options, even those not on the Keto […]

Today, I struggled with what to write.  As a new blogger – deciding what topic would be of interest to readers is what motivates my […]

Maybe a little disappointed, but still love my bake-off entry.  Until the competition was complete and the wining dishes were announced, I couldn’t share my […]