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Fall Home Decor – Fall Wine Vine Wreath – Grands Living Grand

Let’s get starting on our fall decor.  When the weather changes, my decorating bug hits.  I love decorating for the fall knowing that the joy of decorating for Christmas is just around the corner.  Start your fall decor by pulling out all of your fall decorations and start placing them throughout the house.  Every year, I like to add at least one more new item to my collection.   With fall decor you can bring the season into your home.

Discovering that Perfect Find

Last weekend we were at the local farmers market and I spotted the perfect item for my fall decor – a Wine Vine Wreath – I know, say it three times.  LOL  Now I just had to do a little exploring and decide what perfect pieces to add to the humble vine wreath.  I know I want to keep the colors subdued to match the seasonal change.

Finding Treasures in Your Own Back Yard    

I decided to use items from my yard and enhance those with a few inexpensive items I can find while out and about this week.  There are treasures in your flower gardens, back yard, the field across the street, we just need to explore our options.  I have a beautiful blue hydrangeas that have faded and dried on the bush that I know I want to use.  Don’t you love the old fashioned look of dried hydrangeas?  There is also an amazing magnolia tree in the yard full of seed pods.  They are so lovely and will add just that touch I’m looking for.

Collect What Catches Your Eye

I often collect small items when I’m out that catch my eye, like these small straw pumpkins and straw/hay picks.  The first thing I do is collect the items I believe I will use and lay them together just to see the collection at a single glance.

When Pulling Items Together 

  1.  Color Scheme – ensure the colors evoke the season or the mood you intend.  The color of each element should be complimentary and it should be overall harmonious.
  2. Proportion and scale – proportion refers to the size relationship between the elements, such as,  in this case the flowers, picks, the pumpkins and magnolia seed pods.  Scale refers to the size as it related to the finished product and its intended use.  The size of the finished wreath to the look nice on my front door.
  3. Balance – pleasing to the eye.  I usually am drawn to asymmetrical rather than symmetrical.  Simply put, symmetrical means that both sides of something are identical and  asymmetrical means the opposite: the two sides are diffe
    rent in some way.

I’m sure professionals look for much more in their designs, but I try to keep it simple and consider just these three things.  One additional thing I keep constant because I do tend to make my designs asymmetrical is that I almost always use odd number of elements.  As you can see, 3 pumpkins, 5 bunches of hydrangeas, and 3 magnolia seed pods.  For me, the odd numbers always seem more pleasing to the eye.

Let’s Get Started

I normally start with the largest item, which in this case is the straw picks.  Place them in the wreath at a location that has eye appeal to you.  As you can see, I went one sided (asymmetrical).  I liked the look, so I went on.

The next items are my hydrangeas.  I wanted to cluster them together at the base of the picks.  Bringing the design naturally around the wreath.  I continued by adding the magnolia seed pods, placing them within the cluster of hydrangeas.

Add the Finishing Touches

Sometimes I simply place items on the project, moving them around until I feel like I have picked that perfect sweet spot.  I did just that when adding the three adorable pumpkins.  I preferred the right sided grouping and elected to keep moving around the wreath to complete the design.

Now to Tie it Up with a Bow

I do make my own bows, but your can always purchase just the right bow from any craft store like Michael’s.  I will post a bow making blog in the near future.  Christmas Decor demands bows.