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Hello Peeps, I love decorating for the seasons. My favorite of course is Christmas and spring is a close second. It feels like I am bringing the sunshine and warmth into our home after the cold dreary days of winter.

If you follow my blog, you know in January we updated our living room fireplace wall. I have been finding and adding decor pieces over the last two months. Some items I pulled from around the house and of course I have added some new pieces. One of my favorite newbies is a lantern that I picked up a Kirkland’s.

It has a home on our hearth and a battery operated remote controlled candle. I love that they developed remotes for candles. At Christmas I purchased remote controlled tea candles from Amazon. So much easier to get ready for bed, simple a click of the remote and all the candles are extinguished at once.

Last week I enjoyed a day of shopping. I visited several of my favorite decor stores specifically looking for Spring and Easter items. Where did I shop? JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts, Marshall’s, Ross, Tuesday Morning, Hobby Lobby and HomeGoods. I made some great finds as well as picked up the supplies for my DIY Plastic Easter Eggs. You can read about this DIY project here:

I have 7 surfaces on the fireplace wall to add bits and pieces of Spring and Easter. We are really happy with our fireplace wall makeover, but finding enough of the right decor pieces to complete the look took longer than I expected. Like I said earlier, I pulled some items from throughout the house: greenery in a silver pot and a recent picture of our 6 little grandsons that were in the sun room, a wooden word sign (Love) from our master bath, the Virgin Mary who has always had a spot in my heart and in our living room and our Shutterfly books of my grandchildren our daughters makes us for Christmas.

As you can imagine this was just a start, so many empty spaces to add something new. I got lucky as JoAnn all Spring and Easter was 50% off. I picked up most of my DIY Plastic Easter Egg supplies here as well as a few pieces to add to the our fireplace wall. I secured a white wooden candlestick and a silver Easter sign – both 50% off. I had in hand a 50% JoAnn coupon from their online site for any regular priced item, but as luck would have it everything I purchased was already on sale.

My plan is to create small scattered vignettes of Spring and Easter on many of the decor surfaces. With this in mind, I was looking for pieces that could be grouped with what I already had on hand and would be coordinated across the entire space. As it turned the color scheme is mostly white with touches or pink and some scattering of blue and yellow. All colors are soft and light. So a theme is coming together.

My next stop was Marshall’s. Their items were not on sale, but they did have a large selection and Marshall’s has great discount prices. I picked up several delightful items that can easily be combined with other pieces to create decor groupings. I snagged two Easter signs and sweet hugging bunnies. I spent less than $25 on these items. I am always budget shopping.

The order that I shop is based on two factors: prices and location. JoAnn always has great sales on their decor and DIY supplies even before the holiday and Marshall’s items are always reasonable and they located in the same shopping area.

I headed up the highway for the next exist, Tuesday Morning, Hobby Lobby and Homegoods are all at this exit. I hit Tuesday Morning first, simply because of location, the first off the interstate. Score, I found the greatest rabbit holding a simple yellow flower that should fit nicely on the mantel with the new candlestick. It was a quick in and out trip.

I had to make a trip to Hobby Lobby to complete my supply list for my DIY Plaster Easter Egg projects. I also had an online coupon for 40% off any regular price item and used it at checkout. I picked up seed beads, wooden beads, and chalk paint. Now I have all the supplies necessary to complete my DIY projects.

Hobby Lobby rotates their sale items weekly, so it is wise to become familiar with the sales. Items that go on sale every 4th week are home decor and frames (50% off), scrapbook and paper crafts (50%), grafts and hobbies (40%), and fabric and sewing items (30%). Every 3rd week these items are on sale: yard and needle art (30%), crafts (30%), art supplies (30-40%), and jewelry making supplies (50%). The items that go on sale every two weeks are: floral (50%), frames (50%), paper crafts (50%) and fabric (30%). Bring other store ads and coupons along because Hobby Lobby also honors competitors ads including percent off specials. You will want to shop their schedule to get the best deals. Also, be alert, their computer system does not store the sale price, so watch at check out to ensure you are receiving all your discounts.

I love love love Homegoods for just about everything, but today, I walked out empty handed. I came to the conclusion while shopping at HomeGoods that I think I have everything I needs to completely decorate the fireplace wall. I don’t want to over buy, I would rather have a spot I need to fill, then have too much and need to makes returns.

We were recently in Charleston, SC and I picked up a few items while we were there. I can use some of these items to fill any holes – a cute moss covered basket and sweet duck in rubber boots and hat. I found both at a local nursery while shopping for plants for our home in Charleston.

First things first, I made my DIY Plastic Easter Eggs to use in my decor and then I began to put it all together. There are several items that I will most likely always use in this space, so I will find a home for those items first.

Now I can begin to add my Spring and Easter finds to design small vignettes.

I did put away a few items until after Spring, such as the silver candlesticks from our son and daughter-in-law that are normally on the mantel. Now that I am done, there is one more item I would like to store away and find a replacement piece (silver vase). It really doesn’t blend in with everything now that the candlesticks are gone. So I guess I have one more shopping trip to make.