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I recently posted a blog about unique decor and how I find most of my decorations on the clearance aisles at my favorite go to stores. I was asked by a reader to share my go to stores.

Clearance Aisle Shopping is the only way to decorate especially if your on a budget and who isn’t? Sometimes I go with a specific item in mind or the room or piece of furniture I’m staging. Better yet, go with an open slate and just hunt for one of a kind decor items that has a price you simply can’t pass up.

Decor Stores with Great Clearance Aisles

Let’s just get to it and I will provide you my list of favs:

  • HomeGoods
  • Tuesday Morning
  • TJmaxx
  • At Home
  • Kohl’s
  • Target
  • Ross
  • Steinmart
  • Kirklands
  • Burlington
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Michael’s

Coupon Shopping

Also please watch for coupons at all the stores, for example if you sign up for rewards membership at At Home, you will receive a 10% coupon for signing up and a 25% coupon on your birthday. Take advantage of these coupons.

Hobby Lobby always has 40% off any regular price item coupon at their online website. Michael’s weekly coupons are also available online. I only shop Kohl’s with a coupon in hand and when Kohl’s Cash if offered. Ross, Tuesday Morning, TJ maxx and some of the other’s don’t have coupons, but they have great clearance aisles.

I was in At Homes, Tuesday Morning and HomeGoods just this week and spent a great deal of time on the clearance aisles. Some items were as much as 75% off. Season changes brings in new stock and all the stores mark down last seasons items to make room for the new season stock. Spring is the perfect time for fall and Christmas decor items 75 – 85% off. Yes, it is picked over, but often you will score that perfect piece.

Specific Purchases

  • HomeGood
  • At Home
  • At Home

I don’t just hit every store every time. It depends on what I’m looking for. If it’s lamps then HomeGoods, At Home, Tuesday Morning and Kirklands. I have been heading to At Home for lamps of late, since you pick your lamp and select just the right shade. While they may run a little more than the other locations, selecting the perfect lamp shade let’s me add a special touch to the room. I have two great finds recently at At Home – royal blue lamps for our master bedroom and a great geometric sliver lamp for our den. I also recently found white lamps marked down at HomeGoods that were the perfect fit for our guest room.

I have specific stores I shop for particular items. If I’m shopping for draperies, my go to place is JC Penny’s during their annual drapery sale. Right now, JC Penny’s has draperies on sale with an additional 25% off and free shipping. Order online and use the online code 4TOSAVE to get the additional 25% off. This is for a limited time only and expires on March 24th, so you have to move fast to take advantage of this clearance sale.

In addition to JC Penny’s, I shop Tuesday Mornings for draperies. They sale their panels in pairs so it is really a bargain if you find the perfect pair. We have three Tuesday Mornings within 20 miles and I was able to find 4 sets of matching draperies by hitting more than one store for our open concept kitchen/living room and dining room space. At $19.95 a pair it was a super find. Also Tuesday Morning carries drapery rods and depending on the size they also run about $20. I scored for sure with all three windows covered for under $150. The chairs pictured below were a great find at Kohl’s online clearance. They were on sale and Kohl’s had 40% off and I also received Kohl’s Cash. I love these chairs, they are the perfect addition to our dining room.

  • Drapes from Kohl’s
  • Drapes from Tuesday Morning
    Dining Room Chairs Kohl’s Online

I did find the perfect set of drapes for our den at Kohl’s, while I paid a little more a set they were a great quality and at a super clearance price. I also had a Kohl’s 30% coupon and I received Kohl’s cash for this purchase. I picked up one set in the store and ordered the other three sets online.

Always, always carry your phone when shopping bargains. I needed 4 sets of drapes for our den and they only had one set in stock. I logged onto Kohl’s purchased the other three sets while I was in the store and then checked out and waited for them to be delivered. Yes, they offered free shipping. Scored again.

Make it an Outing

Every couple of weeks, I make a run through all my favorite stores to shop the clearance aisles. These are quick trips in and out of each store with my eye on sometime unique for a spot or two in our home. I do mean in and out – I spend no more than 20 minutes exploring a single store sometimes less and focus on the clearance. If you are shopping any of these stores and you see it, you love it, you better buy it. It will not be there the next day and many items are one only so snag it. If its not perfect when you get it home you can always return it for store credit or your money back.

Many of the items below were from a recent clearance shopping trip. I picked up the lamp and shade at At Home, the silver shell and SC letters came from TJmaxx. The candle stick my husband actually found for me at Ross. I found the starfish picture at Tuesday Mornings some time back. I think it all came together so nice. This is our first piece of furniture with decor in our den. So now we have the drapes you saw above and this piece of painted furniture I just completed this week as lonely items in the den.

I don’t believe in rushing into decor – take your time enjoy the shopping and decorating experiences – find just the right items to make your home feel warm and inviting.

Make it a girls day out. Invite a friend – hit your favorite clearance aisles have lunch and make it fun. Even my husband will drive me around to hit a few of my favorite clearance aisles because he knows I’m in and out in no time. Don’t ponder over an item – see it, love it, get it – especially if it’s on the clearance aisle.