Hi, I’m Catherine and Welcome to My Blog.

Celebrating life’s adventures as they arrive or as you create them is the only way to live.  I’m a wife, mom and grandma.  Yes, I used to have a career, but thank goodness those days are behind me.  I retired from the federal government in 2007.  Steve and I met at a local meetup group in February 2012, dated, fell in love and were married in December 2014.  I know, we are still newlyweds.  I will just say its not our first marriage, but my best.

I inherited a precious family, Steve’s daughter and son and six of the most amazing grandsons.  The greatest thing for me is that I have known all six since they day they were born, so of course I’m Grandma.   I love being Grandma, one of my best ever titles in life.  I have a son and daughter and five of the most incredible grandchildren of my own that Steve now calls his as well.  My grandchildren are older and don’t live nearby, but we try to see them as often as humanly possible. Our little guys are three months to six years and our oldest set range from 12 to 24 – two boys and three girls.  You will definitely learn more about our grands as you follow my memory making blog.

Let me tell you a little bit about my interests.  I always enjoyed my career, but making our house a home for both Steve and I and our extended family is like living in heaven, well or hell.  You will understand that as time goes on.  We have been so involved in our home and family and new and different adventures that I decided I just had to share our life with everyone.  I love to cook, from making simple yet what appear to be fancy meals to experimenting with healthy living recipes.  I even just entered one of my favorites in the Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest, still waiting for the results.  I enjoy decorating our home for the holidays, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas, which are just around the corner, so let the decorating begin.  I plan on sharing some of my decorating tips and ideas with you in time for you to be inspired to do it yourself.  One of the most challenging experiences I have had of late is remodeling the home we live in here in Virginia.

Our house was built in 1953 and had very little changed in all these years, I look forward to sharing our remodeling ideas, lessons learned and even our failures over the next several blog updates. Because we lived through and endured the remodeling of our home, we decided to purchase a home in South Carolina and remodel it as our home away from home and did I mention it gets me closer to my grandchildren. Not quite as old, built in 1962, but we faced many more structural challenges with this remodel that our home.  I can’t wait to share those experiences with you.  Who would ever know that I could swing a hammer, pull down a wall and fling paint to perfection.  A far cry from a career in the IT world, but so rewarding and satisfying.

We are Grands Living Grand, and I hope to share our love of life from the simple to the complicated with you as Steve and I continue to Make Memories Together.