Day 4 of challenging myself to replicate select items from the Southern Living Christmas Collection. As promised in my last blog post I’m going to redo the Galvanized Bucket Tree challenge.

I do still like my first little tree, I just want to make more that I can group together near my fireplace. There are three in the Southern Living Collection (21 inches, 3 feet and 4 feet tall).

I experimented with the shinny silver Dollar Tree bucket and was able to give it a galvanized look. I am super pleased with the results. It was oh so simple. I just soaked the bucket in white vinegar all day and presto – galvanized.

This bucket is really cute, with its jute wrapped top and now galvanized look. It’s going to be perfect for my next tree.

Steve and I spent a couple of hours yesterday thrifting, which is something we both enjoy. I found the top of an evergreen Christmas tree at Goodwill and it is a perfect size and very full. No price tag, but the guy at the register offered it for 99 cents so the price is right.

For this tree, since its a little heavier, I used styrofoam (purchased at Dollar Tree) in my bucket. Now to just simply push the tree into the styrofoam and a easy as that this new tree is finished. I spent a total of $3 for this little tree. It is 30 inches tall and 26 inches in diameter.

Hobby Lobby 3 foot tree

I checked online at Walmart and Hobby Lobby to see what a 3 foot tree would cost. One of hte Southern Living Collection trees are 3 feet, so I wanted to find something similar. The best price for a really sweet tree with a wood trunk and pre-lite was at Hobby Lobby. The tree was on $20 since all their Christmas is 50% off. The Southern Living 3 foot tree is $129.

Southern Living Christmas Collection

I didn’t want all three of my trees to have galvanized buckets, so I decided to wrap the base of this final tree with burlap and tie with it closed with a jute bow.

Now my three tree collection is perfect for the other side of my fireplace hearth. I’m super pleased with my tree collection. These two new trees cost $23 total. I’m satisfied that I have successfully replicated the collection’s galvanized bucket trees.

Tomorrow we have a day of thrifting planned and Sunday my nieces are coming over for a visit, so it will be next week before I tackle yet another Southern Living Christmas Collection replication.

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