Well, I tried. If you have been following, you know I am attempting to recreate several selections from the Southern Living Christmas Collection. Today, I challenged myself to recreate the nutcracker. I FAILED

I love the Southern Living Nutcracker and really dislike, actually hate mine. I started with a nutcracker I found at a local thrift store, it cost $4. I thought that was a good start, because all I should need is a little paint.

I started by removing the hair and beard and spray painting the entire nutcracker white to help cover it’s existing colors.

I used Bondo to create eye brows and a nose since mine was lacking both.

Now, I needed to paint my nutcracker. My painting skills are not up to par to pull this off. I tried several times to make it happen, but finally gave up.

What went wrong? I do believe my basic nutcracker just wont compare to the Southern Living Collection. It needs to be more rustic and statuesque. Picking the starting product IS essential.

I would also say, that you need to have more artistic abilities than I possess to complete this task. If anyone takes this challenge on, please share your results in my comments. Mine just doesn’t compare, $4 wasted.

I would certainly make the investment to get the real deal. The nutcrackers in the Southern Living Christmas Collection are beautiful and worthy of a place on my mantel.

I’m kind of uncertain about picking another selection. I did pick up two new Christmas trees today to give another try at the Galvanized Budget Tree. I also solved the problem with the Dollar Tree bright and shinny silver bucket. Tomorrow, I will share how I achieved a galvanized bucket look with the Dollar Tree shinny silver bucket and test two additional tree solutions.

Join me tomorrow for a new improved Galvanized Bucket Tree on a Budget.

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