Day 2 of my personal challenge to recreate on a budget a selection from the Southern Living Christmas Collection. Today, I have selected the Galvanized Bucket Tree. This maybe the easiest and least expensive selection in the collection.

There are three sizes available in the collection:

  • Small 16 inch diameter and 18 inch tall for $49
  • Medium 21 inch diameter and 3 feet tall for $129
  • Large 24 inch diameter and 4 feet tall for $149

I went shopping at Dollar Tree, General Dollar and Walmart yesterday for supplies for several of this replicate on a budget challenge. For this sweet galvanize bucket tree I picked up items from Dollar Tree and Walmart.

First stop Dollar Tree for two small green Christmas trees ($1 each) and a pack of floral foam ($1). They did have a cute round tin bucket with a jute top, but I didn’t want shinny. Later this week I will experiment with turning the shinny into galvanized. If I can get it right, I will share it with you on tomorrow’s post. I headed to Walmart and selected a round galvanized bucket that I really like ($2.72). The collection has square but I didn’t want to travel to another store because I liked this one.

I gathered up a couple of items from my personal selection: floral clay and floral tape. Both of these items can be purchased at Dollar tree as well. With everything I need for this Galvanized Bucket Tree DIY, I’m ready to create or in this case duplicate on a budget.

Let’s start with getting the bucket ready for our tree. Place a couple of strips of floral clay in the bottom of your bucket and then add your floral foam. I picked round foam since I had considered the round tin bucket from Dollar Tree. It fits perfect in my small galvanized bucket from Walmart. Not to worry, I just thought about it and we need to add some moss to cover the floral foam. I actually have some in my stash of supplies but you can pick up a bag from Dollar Tree if you don’t have any.

Let’s get our tree ready. I know why two trees? One tree alone is not very full and luxurious, so by putting two trees together, it will be full and really sweet. Pull the trees out of the box, we don’t need the stand. Pull all the tree branches out only to one side of the tree, remember we will be putting them together and making one really full tree.

When you done, your trees should look something like this.

Now let’s put them together. This is where your floral tape comes into play. We will wrap the two trees together with the floral tape in about three sections of the tree. I started in the middle to help hold it and then wrapped the bottom and the top. This also hides the fact that there are two trees. We don’t need two tree tops, so just wrap one around the other, this also makes it fuller. Presto, one full and beautiful little Christmas tree.

It is simple from here, push the bottom of the tree into your floral foam until the branches are just above the top of the galvanized bucket. Use you moss to fill in around your floral foam to help stabilize the tree and cover the the foam.

We are done. I just measured my galvanized bucket tree DIY to see how it compares to the collection. Oh my, the height is 21 inches, exactly the same and the diameter is 22 inches, slightly larger.

If you have to purchase all the materials necessary to complete you tree you will spend $7.72. I think i met the challenge to create on a budget.

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s pretty perfect. Now to add it to my living room. I think somewhere near the fireplace, like the one in the collection.

I love this galvanized bucket tree so much I think I will search for the materials needed for the medium tree as well. If I succeed I will certainly share. Standby.

Tomorrow, I’m tackling the nutcracker. Come back and see how I do.

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