I love looking through various magazines for Christmas decorating ideas. I am also so disappointed when the prices are so far beyond anything that I can afford. So here we go, I plan on recreating on a budget several of the Southern Living Christmas Collection items for 2019. My goal is to post, if possible a recreation of one selection from the collection daily.

I want to share with you how to bring the charm of this collection into your home at one half the cost or less. Follow me for this week and let’s see if I can pull it off.

I do love decorating for Christmas and have a great number of decorations stored in the attic, but I like to bring in something new every year. This year I explored Southern Living magazine for inspiration and fell in love with the new Southern Living Collection.

The first item that caught my eye was a set of ornament-filled lanterns. The large lantern is $149 and small one is $99. Both are out of my price range for holiday decorating, especially since I have so much in the attic already.

Let’s tackle this beauty.

Lucky for me, I already have two lanterns and then are very similar to the ones in the collection. The large one is such a close match you won’t believe your eyes. I had my lanterns decorated for fall, so first things first, pack all the fall decor away and bring on Christmas.

These lanterns are pilled full of beautiful silver and red ornaments, so up in the attic I go to pull out what I have in my stash. I did a small tree in silver and blue one year, so I know I have some silver ornaments. The ones I have in the attic were purchased from Big Lots ($4 a box), Dollar Tree ($1 each), and I picked out one large Red ornament from Lowe’s that was purchased at the end of season sale ($2.25). I had on additional large red and silver ornament I used on my mantel one year and I snagged it up at Dollar Tree ($1 each).

With my ornaments in tow, down the attic steps I came. Now it’s time to fill up my sleigh – ho ho – my lantern. I purchased this lantern in the spring from Kirkland’s during a sale. I saved 30% on a $39.99 lantern, so my cost was $28. You will see pictures of it decorated for Easter in an earlier blog post . Lanterns are such a great decorating staple.

This lantern is very easy to fill, the candle comes out and it opens from the top, so as simple as that I filled it to the top, well almost to the top. Now all I need is a bow and some trim. I hunted through my ribbon collection, but nothing that resembles this one in the collection. I headed to Dollar Tree, no luck there and then on to Dollar General and I found the perfect ribbon and it was only $2 a roll and it is enough to make a bow for both lanterns.

I sprang from the store and headed to my task of recreating this beauty from the collection. I made a sweet bow, added a cream twine bow and bells for my trim. In the original one, there is a really nice bunch of ceramic cream pine cones but I couldn’t find anything in my decorating stash or my nearby stores. I will keep looking when I am out in case I find something more suited, but for now I chose bells from the Dollar Tree. It was a pack of 16 silver and gold bells, I used the silver and tied them onto the twine and hung them from my bow.

Wow, what a savings. Even if I add up the cost of the items from my attic and the few items I had to purchase to complete the look my total costs for the larger lantern is $39.75. That is more than $100 savings.

I couldn’t be happier with the results and now to replicate the small lantern. I decided to just go with silver alone in the small lantern and picked up three packs of small silver ornaments for this during my trip to Dollar Tree ($1 each).

This lantern was a little more difficult to decorate since it has a permanent candle in thee base and it also opens in the front not the top. I purchased this lantern at Aldi’s in the spring and use it on my porch, it’s a solar lantern. I paid $15.99 for this lantern and with the $3 in ornaments and half the ribbon and bells, it is a grand total of $20.50. What a bargain, if you recall the small lantern in the collection was $99. We can make five for that price. My total investment this year for both lanterns was only $7. I am very pleased with the results and happy that I was able to achieve my personal challenge to recreate both lanterns on a budget.

I am so please with the results and they are perfect for our living room. I placed the larger lantern on the fireplace hearth and the smaller one on the cabinet beside the fireplace.


The next item from the collection I plan to replicate is a small galvanized bucket tree. Stayed tuned in, more to come.

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