Yea!  The Dumpster Arrived

We want to clear the house of everything that’s going while we have the dumpster, so we don’t have to haul anything off ourselves.  The dumpster fee is by the weight as well as by the day.  Our goal, clear out everything, demo everything and get rid of the dumpster as soon as feasible.

Demo Day is actually quite exhilarating. Simply put, we cleared the house today, including the attic space.  I knew we would need to clear the house of the content, but never expected it to take three days.  So glad to have that chore behind us.  

We started actual demo in the kitchen.  Everything has to go.  Yes, just like you see on TV – we used the sledge hammers.

We are completely gutting the kitchen and starting with a clean slate.

Since the house was built in the 60’s, it is chopped up.  Many rooms, numerous doors and entrance ways.  As you can see there is a door into the kitchen from the back hallway, a door into the dining room from the kitchen, an open wall into the foyer from the dining room and living room, a door from the foyer into the main hall and two doors that enter the upper den (one from the main hallway and one from the back hallway).  

This shot is looking from the doorway from the kitchen to the dining room.
In this photo you can see the dining room wall, foyer and living room entrance. These walls all come down.

The plan, which is quite extensive includes taking down walls, to be exact four of them, but what a great open space this will create.  All these walls will be tumbling down as well as, yes, count them five doors.  One wall spans over 17 feet, so a load bearing support beam will be required.  We will completely gut the kitchen, and both bathrooms; repair and refinish the hardwood floors; scrape the popcorn from the ceilings (so dates the house) and tear out the 1970’s paneling from both dens.  Oh my, do we have a lot of drywall in our future.  To say the least, our work is about to begin.

This wall requires a support beam since it is a load bearing wall. It separates the dining room from the upper den.
The walls that separate the kitchen, dining room, foyer and living room are gone. Almost an open floor plan.

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